Open Windows Festival 2015 ~ From Strangers to Friends: The Future of Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations

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Sunday, October, 25, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

St. Mary’s Seminary & University

Laubacher Hall

5400 Roland Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21212

Join us for the third and final Celebration of Vatican II! As a Steering Committee, we have enjoyed planning these events that further the teachings of the Council and the importance of continuing forward with them.

This year, we are so pleased to have a panel of presenters discuss Nostra Aetate and the relationships between various faith traditions and how we can improve them moving by following the documents of the Council.

Within our community, there are many organizations that strive for interfaith and ecumenical connections. We are providing time for introductions to these very important organizations and people so that their message can be given a wide audience.

 Schedule of the Day’s Events

9:30am – Registration

10:00 am – Welcome and Announcements

10:30- 12 Noon – Panel Presentation on Nostra Aetate

  1. Dr. John Borelli, Georgetown University, “Remembering Nostra Aetate: Vatican II, Interreligious Dialogue, Comparative Theology and the Future”
  2. Dr. Heather Miller Rubens, ICJS, “Mapping the Theological Boundaries of Jewish-Catholic Dialogue”
  3. Dr. Pim Valkenberg, Catholic University of America, “Muslim-Catholic Dialogue between Fear and Friendship”

12 noon-1 pm – Lunch

1:00-3:00 pm – Interfaith Initiatives Part I

  1. ICJS
    1. Dr. Christopher Leighton, Executive Director & Staff
  1. Baltimore Jewish Coucil
    1.  Dr. Arthur Abramson, Executive Director
    2. Martha Weiman, Past President
    3. Jeanette Parmigiani, Director of Holocaust Programs
  1. Muslim/Christian Dialogue
    1. Imam Bashar Arafat, President, Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation
    2. Father Doctor William Au, Pastor, Sacred Heart Church

3:00-3:10 pm — Break

3:10-4:30 pm – Interfaith Initiatives: Part II

  1. Ecumenical Institute of St. Mary’s Seminary & University
    1. Dr. Brent Laytham
  1. The American Jewish Committee

4:30 pm – Plenary/Prayer session

5:00 pm – Adjournment