*NEW* Details for the 2014 Open Windows Festival:

Following the overwhelming response to our 2013 Festival, the Steering Committee has decided to move the location of the 2014 Festival to a larger location.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand and grow with each of you throughout the anniversary of the Second Vatican Council!

Date: Sunday October 26, 2014

Time: Registration Begins at 8:45am/Day Concludes at 4:30pm

Location: St. Matthew’s Catholic Church  *  5401 Loch Raven Blvd  *  Baltimore, MD 21239


Cost: $30.00 per person

Lunch: Box lunches may be reserved (at the time of registration) for the day.  This is an additional $10.00 per person.  Guests may also bring their lunch.

{This day is sponsored by the Retreat and Conference Center at Bon Secours} 

Mission Statement

The outgrowth of a coalition of faithful individuals
and organizations who are committed to the Church:

Our mission is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our
Church’s Council by helping…
the older generation to remember and renew the
the present generation to learn and live the
future generations to preserve and perpetuate the
of the Mystery that was, is, and will always be

THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL  (Cf. Joel 3:1-2 and Acts 2:17-18)


Prayer of Pope John XXIII for the Second Vatican Council

We stand before you, Holy Spirit,

conscious of our sinfulness,

but aware that we gather in your name.

Come to us, remain with us,

and enlighten our hearts.

Give us light and strength

to know your will,

to make it our own,

and to live it in our lives.

Guide us by your wisdom,

support us by your power…

You desire justice for all;

enable us to uphold the rights of others;

do not allow us to be misled by ignorance

or corrupted by fear or favor…

As we gather in your name,

may we temper justice with love,

so that all our discussions and reflections

may be pleasing to you,

and earn the reward

promised to good and faithful servants.

If you are having difficulty with the layout of our site, and you are using Internet Explorer, please considering using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.   Unfortunately, our site is not compatible with Internet Explorer.  After much research, we have not found a work-around.  We apologize and we hope this issue will not deter you from the Open Windows Festival.

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